Farmville Fun

Duck, Duck, Goose!

Duck, Duck, Goose on Farmville

Mechanically Separated Rabbit

Harvesting and Separating Rabbits

I used Google as a lazy spell checker and actually found many serious articles about Mechanically Separated Rabbit. They didn’t use a combine harvester though.

Farmville Drought

I made this image for use in a humorous fake news article entitled “Farmville Experiencing Drought: Virtual Dust Bowl Looming?” The cow skull pays homage to a classic photo from the dust bowl era. However, while the concept is funny and the image is good, I haven’t been able to create a consistently funny article using them, despite a fair amount of thought. (Of course, even The Onion frequently has this problem; recall Mad Magazine’s parody of the Onion that accurately skewered them with the article “Area Man Finds Headline Amusing But That’s About It”.)

Farmer in Dust Choked Field, next to Pink Cow Skull

[News Article Caption:] Farmville Super Shoveler Robert Martin in his barren, dust choked fields. He’s already lost this week’s crops and most of his cattle to the drought. The special bonus pink cows that give strawberry milk were the first to die. “Some bonus,” lamented Martin.