I'm a Twit Now

I am a twit now, that is, I am now on Twitter.

I am still feeling my way around there, trying to decide how best to use it. So far, I’ve mostly posted an announcement and link whenever I post a blog article here. Becoming my Facebook fan is probably a better way to receive such notices though.

I’m going to experiment with other tweets, including some one-liner jokes. One liners? With only 140 characters (126 if I’m optimistic and leave room for people to re-tweet them), they’re more like half-liners, or maybe two-phrasers. I will also start re-tweeting other humor I come across.

For the benefit of those not on Twitter (or no longer checking it regularly), I will repeat any noteworthy or humorous tweets on a special tweets page on this site. Check it periodically to see what (if anything) you’ve missed.

I will say this: Twitter sure stops cold my tendency to write syntactically complex sentences. This is probably a good thing.