Relaunching Ethan's Essays

I now have a pool of completed pieces to work from, so I am “re-launching” the blog for the new year. Expect to see new articles first thing every Monday and Thursday morning, along with intermittent shorter posts — links, brief comments, and more.

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Wayans' Calender Predicts Disaster in 2012

[From the Vesperfire News Wire:] Keenen Ivory Wayans, well known in entertainment circles as creator of the sketch comedy series In Living Color and director of the horror movie parody Scary Movie, was surprised to find the entry “End of the World” marked in his iPhone’s calendar application on December 22, 2012.

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The Tragedy of Malnourished Cookie Monsters

[From the Vesperfire News Wire:] A well intentioned effort to promote a better diet for human children has had unintended and sometimes tragic consequences for cookie monsters everywhere.

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Counting Sheep

I’ve recently had trouble falling asleep at a regular time every night. I blame Sesame Street.

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Blog in Search of a Theme

Most blogs have a subject, a theme, or a particular audience in mind. So when I decided to start blogging, I considered many possible subjects for either a single blog or multiple blogs. I already had a number of articles partially written and ideas for many more. However, no one theme could encompass most of them, but neither did I have enough for any one subject to stand on its own. Rather than delay further, I finally decided to get on with it and start writing and posting in the hope that the themes and audience will develop.

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